"If you've got time to chit-chat, then you've got time to entertain me."

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Vain Stats

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Dialogue Edit

Boyfriend Touch
  • If you can make me laugh, I'll give you a reward.
    • [Success] (body) You thought tickling would actually work? You know I'm way stronger than you. Here, watch.
    • [Fail] ... Who said you could touch me anyway?
  • Something's come up. Stay here and watch TV or something, I'll be back.
    • [Success] (body) What are you trying to get me to stay? There'll be time for that later. Just wait.
    • [Fail] If you need something, just ask me later.
  • I feel like doing some sports or something. All this lazing around is getting me down.
    • [Success] (body) What, you wanna see this body? Cause I'll show you, [Player].
    • [Fail] ... Stop pinching me. It's not for a diet. I just want to move my body.
  • Hmm? Do you hear that noise? Is it coming from the window?
    • [Success] (body) What are you scared? Why would you ever be scared with me here?
    • [Fail] ... It's just the wind. I guess I should fix up the windows some time.
  • Your hands are red. Are you okay?
    • [Success] (body) They're so cold... Did you just do the dishes or something? Come here, warm them up.
    • [Fail] Ack! Keep your icy claws away from me.
  • Oi...Is there something on my head?
    • [Success] (head) A flower...? It must have been that flying rat...
    • [Fail] Nothing? Huh. I guess I just imagined it.
  • Wow... I didn't mean to fall asleep... How long was I out?
    • [Success] (head) Hmm? My hair? ...Right. I was meaning to fix it anyway.
    • [Fail] ... Not too long, I'm sure. I'm not like you, [Player].
  • It's so hot in here. Maybe we should turn on the air conditioner.
    • [Success] (head) Your hands are so cold, [Player]... Keep them there. It feels great.
    • [Fail] What? If you wanna hang out or something, then say so.
  • Oi, have you seen my glasses anywhere?
    • [Success] (head) ... On my head. Right. Sorry.
    • [Fail] ... If you haven't seen them, just say so.
  • Do you like head rubs, [Player]? Why?
    • [Success] (head) ... Hmm. Never mind. I think I get it now.
    • [Fail] ... I just don't understand you sometimes.
  • Why don't you try initiating a kiss once in a while, [Player].
    • [Success] (head) That was terrible. ... Let me show you how it's done.
    • [Fail] ... Still not ready, huh.
  • zzz...
    • [Success] (body) Hmm... Stop that. Get over here and take a nap with me.
    • [Fail] ... Let me sleep.
Choose Answer
  • [Boyfriend]: Are you cleaning? Looks tough.
    • Help me? (+4)
      • [Player]: It is~... Can you come help me~?
      • [Boyfriend]: ...Who, me? [Boyfriend]? What are you crazy?
    • It's fine (+10)
      • [Player]: It's fine. It might take a little while, but... I can do it.
      • [Boyfriend]: Hah. Yeah. Come on, I'll help.
  • [Boyfriend]: You look tired. Did you not get enough sleep last night?
    • Slept well(+10)
      • [Player]: No, I slept well... I think I'm just not waking up right.
      • [Boyfriend]: Maybe I should wake you with a kiss.
    • You see... (+4)
      • [Player]: All my favorite shows are on so late at night... I ended up watching TV till the sun rose...
      • [Boyfriend]: ...Just record them.
  • [Boyfriend]: Do you ever get,,so focused on one thing, [Player]?
    • You (+10)
      • [Player]: Hmm...I do often kinda daydream thinking about you, [Boyfriend].
      • [Boyfriend]: Hmm...Sure.
    • All kinds of things (+4)
      • [Player]: Sure. Fashion, clothes, Dreambook... All kinds of things.
      • [Boyfriend]: ... Busy, huh.
  • [Boyfriend]: ......
    • Feeling okay? (+10)
      • [Player]: Are you feeling okay? Maybe you should go and take a rest...
      • [Boyfriend]: Yeah... Maybe you should come with me. I need some taking care of.
    • Umm... (+4)
      • [Player]: Umm... Y'know, you're even scarier when you say nothing at all like this...
      • [Boyfriend]: Huh? Is that really what you think of me?
  • [Boyfriend]: Did you clean the bath? It's sparkling.
    • Well... (+4)
      • [Player]: Well... something happened, and... the bath turned like, completely black, so... I kinda had to clean it.
      • [Boyfriend]: ... What the hell were you doing in there?
    • Take a bath (+10)
      • [Player]: I did! Doesn't it look great? Wanna get in together...? Huhu.
      • [Boyfriend]: ...I dunno what's gotten into you today, [Player]. But I like it.
  • [Boyfriend]: You seem happy. Have you got some good news or something?
    • Won the lottery! (+4)
      • [Player]: I won the lottery! 50 dollars!
      • [Boyfriend]: ... I suppose that's technically a win. I love your enthusiasm though. That's the sign of a great outlook on life.
    • Happy to see you! (+10)
      • [Player]: I'm just happy to see you, that's all!
      • [Boyfriend]: We meet up every single day. Yet you're still that pleased to see me? Strange, [Player].
  • [Boyfriend]: What is it you love about me, [Player]?
    • Kind and caring (+10)
      • [Player]: Umm... I love how deep down, you're actually really kind and caring.
      • [Boyfriend]: Deep down, huh. And on the surface, I'm everything you want me to be, right?
    • Everything? (+4)
      • [Player]: Ummm...everything?
      • [Boyfriend]: Dodging the question. If you can't think of anything, just say so.
  • [Boyfriend]: Oi, come here.
    • Ryu's snacks (+4)
      • [Player]: Ah... Umm... I-I almost forgot! Ryu brought us some snacks earlier!
      • [Boyfriend]: ... You're gonna talk about other guys right now?
    • O-okay (+10)
      • [Player]: O-okay. You mean, sit beside you here...?
      • [Boyfriend]: Alright, that was cute. I do like that about you, [Player].
  • [Boyfriend]: Plans are cancelled and I am free. Wanna go out somewhere?
    • Abroad (+4)
      • [Player]: I wanna go abroad somewhere... I've always wanted to see Manhattan.
      • [Boyfriend]: Wow, not holding back, huh. Sadly only today's plans were cancelled, not this whole month's.
    • Park (+10)
      • [Player]: Hmm... We could go to the theme park, but... I'm not sure you'd enjoy it...
      • [Boyfriend]: Really, the theme park? Fine by me. Go get ready.
  • [Boyfriend]: Hmm? Did you change your hair?
    • Cut it (+4)
      • [Player]: I cut it, like, one centimeter.
      • [Boyfriend]: ...So it did change, then. I was right.
    • No (+10)
      • [Player]: No? I just can't get this kinks out...
      • [Boyfriend]: Kinks? That's so you, [Player].
  • [Boyfriend]: You seem different. ...Why are you all dressed up?
    • Secret (+4)
      • [Player]: Umm... It's a secret.
      • [Boyfriend]: A secret? What are you hiding something from me?
    • Party (+10)
      • [Player]: My friends are having a party. They said they wanna hear all about me
      • [Boyfriend]: Huh. Just call me when you're done. I'll come pick you up...maybe say hi.
  • [Boyfriend]: Sanma fish for dinner? What's the dish?
    • Fry it (+10)
      • [Player]: I thought I'd just fry it, nice and simple. Maybe a bit of daikon-oroshi as well.
      • [Boyfriend]: Now that sounds like a meal, I'm looking forward to it.
    • Microwave it (+4)
      • [Player]:
      • [Boyfriend]:
  • [Boyfriend]: Hmm... I'm feeling tired.
    • (+4) I'll sing a song
      • [Player]:
      • [Boyfriend]:
    • (+10) Let's take a nap
      • [Player]: Me too. Wanna take a nap together?
      • [Boyfriend]: If you're inviting me to bed, [Player], I don't think we're gonna do much sleeping.
  • [Boyfriend]:
    • (+4)
      • [Player]:
      • [Boyfriend]:
    • (+10)
      • [Player]:
      • [Boyfriend]:
Heart Touch Mode


  • The hearts are coming... Show me what you're made of, [Player].
  • If you want my love, try catching those hearts.
  • I'm bored anyway. I'll see how good you are.
  • ... Hm? Oi, "they're" here. Just wing it.


  • (40%) Get over here. You need a reward for that hard work. What'll it be?
  • (40%) I get it. You want me... to notice you that much, huh, [Player]?
  • (40%) I expect nothing less from my partner. That was some performance.
  • (40%) You did well. I'll praise you this time.
  • (25%) That's barely passing... You should work on your craft.
  • (25%) That was quite some effort. Great work.
  • (25%) Hmph, is that all you got?
  • (25%) Hmph, well, not too bad, I suppose.
  • (10%) ... That was pretty horrible.
  • (10%) Hmm... I think you need to work out more, [Player]
  • (10%) Tch... move those fingers!
  • (10%) I know I said to wing it but... that was pretty bad.
Item Bond
  • Oi, why sit so far away? Get over here. ...What are you blushing?
  • When times get tough...just count on me. Don't keep that kinda stuff to yourself.
  • I like spontaneity. If I feel like upping sticks and going, then I go. Question is, will you be coming with me, [Player]?
  • Let me know if you're gonna be coming back late. I'll pick you up or something.
  • Don't fall asleep like that, you'll catch a cold. Unless... you're trying to invite me or something?
  • What do you desire, [Player]?
  • Hah. Even if I leave you alone, your fondness for me will continue to grow.
  • Ryu's just a friend, right? Forget him. I'm the person you should rely on.
  • I'm gonna make you love me so much you won't know what to do without me.
  • Is there anywhere you wanna go? Anywhere at all. I'll take you.
  • You're mine, [Player]. Your eyes should always be on me. Got it?
  • ... Hmm. I like the way you stare at me.
  • [Player], you seem different today.
  • What's with the distance? Come closer.
  • People do know mushrooms are just bacteria, right? No idea why they're so popular.
  • Hmm? Someone at the door? I'll get it. You stay here.
  • What's wrong? Were you looking at me in admiration?
  • I want the name of the so-called genius who first thought of putting pineapple on pizza.
  • Stop always being on the phone and give me some attention, [Player].
  • Don't just sulk around the house. Talk to me... Don't make worry about you.
  • ... You can't keep a horse as a pet in the garden?
  • Hmph... That outfit actually looks good on you.
  • Hey, coffee. ... It just tastes so much better when you make it.
  • Everyone gets sick. Leave me be.
  • I'm a little tired. ... Let me rest on your lap. You listening? Hurry it up.
  • (?) I was collecting stickers that came with the bread to try to win a prize, but I didn't~...
  • (?)That happens sometimes. You may just have bad luck.
  • (?) Is that what it is...? I guess I shouldn't try any more~...
  • (?)Sorry to hear that. You'll definitely win next time.
  • (?) You're right~. I'm not going to give up~.
  • (?) Time flies by whenever I'm taking a bath~...
  • (?)Why don't you set an alarm clock while you're in there?
  • (?) You're right~. That's a good idea.
  • (?)I see. Do you want me to help you wash your hair?
  • (?)Ehhhh?! A bath together... I'm too shy~.
  • (?) What do you talk about with your friends, [Player]~?
  • (?)That's a good question... I talk about you, [Boyfriend].
  • (?) Hm? Really?! I think my face is getting red~.
  • (?) I talk about stuff like clothes and the latest cosmetics.
  • (?) That makes sense~... Girls do indeed like cosmetics and clothes~.
  • (?) What do you think about putting a steamed vegetable flavored chocolate sauce on Halloween candy? I bet it would taste good~.
  • (?) I'm thinking about going as a broccoli spirit for Halloween~.
  • (?) After making a jack-o'-lantern, what happens to the insides? Is it cooked with something?
  • (?) You're right... I'll be more careful~.
  • (?) It's alright~. I put a band-aid on it. I'm sorry for worrying you.

(?) Seems to be misplaced text within the game. Crosses over with Relaxed. (This has been fixed in the July 2017 update)

Astralove Mode


  • Get over here.
  • Oi, look at me.
  • Scared...?


  • What's the matter? Your face is bright red.
  • Don't think... Just act.
  • I... I love you.


  • ...Ready now?
  • Mmm...
  • Hmm... This is... not enough.
Boyfriend Talk


  • What? Is me coming over that rare?
  • How do you make guests feel welcome?
  • I came all the way here. You should be happy.
  • I'm coming in. Listen to what I have to say. You're not doing anything anyway, right?
  • Oi, what kind of person is your partner?
  • Heh.... you have a long face as always.
  • Here's a gift. Be happy and take it.
  • Come to my place sometimes. If I'm in a good mood, I'll make you feel welcome in my own way.
  • Since you're eventually going to be a god, there's no shame in being my underling, right?
  • Oi. I came all the way here. Don't tell me you plan to have me standing the entire time.


  • [Standard] That's a dull greeting.
  • [Standard] Hmph... You're afraid of my presence?
  • [Standard] You have quite some nerve to come unannounced.
  • [Standard] That's only true if there's an actual conversation to be had.
  • [Standard] If you ask me for a favor, you better be willing to do something in return.
  • [Standard] Then you should learn how to pour coffee. If you get good enough, I'll let you pour me a cup.
  • [Standard] I don't mind... but you better take me to a place I will enjoy.
  • [Standard] Practice then You'll only get better with experience.
  • [Standard] What? You better make it brief.
  • [Standard] Fine. You talk... You won't waste my time, right?
  • [Friendly] You're just one of those nagging guys.
  • [Friendly] The one who seems different is you. ... Jeez, I've never met someone who would come to someone's house with a grain of rice stuck on his face!
  • [Friendly] I'm glad you feel so relaxed, but you're relaxing too much at my place.
  • [Friendly] Weren't you the one sleeping until a minute ago? What's up with that bed hair?
  • [Friendly] Is there anything more fun than what's going on in your head?
  • [Friendly] Then, quit screaming next to my ear. So noisy.
  • [Friendly] I was just about to pour myself a cup of coffee. Want some? ... Ah, you don't like coffee, right?
  • [Friendly] You have bad timing. I'm in the mood for pool.
  • [Friendly] What do you mean by free? Don't put me in the same boat as you.
  • [Friendly] Sure. But do you really think you can beat me?
  • [Relaxed] ... Make it brief. As slow as you talk, we'll still be talking well after the sun sets.
  • [Relaxed] Sure, I don't mind. ... I'm in a good mood today, so I'll make you feel a little welcome.
  • [Relaxed] ... Figure it out yourself! You have a cellphone, right?
  • [Relaxed] Yeah. ... if I feel like it, I'll take you up on your offer.
  • [Relaxed] As if I would know!
  • [Relaxed] It's cause I will be a ruler of all the gods one day. I watch my health in my own way.
  • [Relaxed] Huh? Don't tell me you're tryingto make a deal with me.
  • [Relaxed] Heh... this is a pretty good souvenir even for your standards.
  • [Relaxed] That goes without saying. Just whose castle do you think this is?
  • [Relaxed] Oh, it's you. You have quite some guts showing up unannounced.
  • [Mysterious] Yeah, I don't mind. I had too much free time on my hand anyway.
  • [Mysterious] I don't think I'm any different than usual... What a strange one you are.
  • [Mysterious] What the hell is that? ... You say some strange things sometimes.
  • [Mysterious] If you want to use my time, you better have something of equal value.
  • [Mysterious] Heh... You too.
  • [Mysterious] Heh. It better be about something that will entertain me.
  • [Mysterious] Oi, if you're gonna start saying something, finish it!
  • [Mysterious] ...! How dare you show such disrespect to the person who will one day be the ruler of all gods..
  • [Mysterious] You got that right. Since it's my place, of course I'm going to make sure it's cozy.
  • [Mysterious] You're thoughtful. Since I'm a nice guy, I'll gladly accept it.
  • [Tough] ... Fine. You're someone who gets it, someone different.
  • [Tough] Of course. Whose place do you think you're at?
  • [Tough] There's a point to brining a gift for someone. I wonder what's inside.
  • [Tough] Heh... Talk about something interesting.
  • [Tough] ... Ack! There's a limit to how bad someone is at talking! What's with that nonchalant question?
  • [Tough] ... This may be a stretch, but you don't come over every time you're close by, right?
  • [Tough] It's just my style to pour a cup of coffee for people who get it. Don't worry about it.
  • [Tough] What's the topic of this heart-to-heart?
  • [Tough] I see you don't think ahead. Call before coming.
  • [Tough] I don't mind. I'm feeling pretty good today.
  • [Cute] Quit asking that every time I see you...
  • [Cute] Oi, don't sniff me! Are you a dog or something?!
  • [Cute] Heh... of course. This is my place we're talking about, after all.
  • [Cute] W-wait! Don't pull on my clothes!
  • [Cute] Partner? More like my helper. ... Though, who knows what the future holds.
  • [Cute] I'm not surprised. I'm displeased. And who opens someone's door without even ringing the doorbell?
  • [Cute] I don't mind. But me listening to what you have to say doesn't come cheap.
  • [Cute] You were pretty lucky. I'm always out because I'm busy, but I just happened to be home today.
  • [Cute] That's thoughtful even for you. Whose idea was it?
  • [Cute] Oh, it's you. ... I was able to guess by your noisy footsteps.
  • [Tsundere] That's pretty brazen of you. When did you get to become more important than me?
  • [Tsundere] Oh, it's you. ... What do you plan on doing just standing there?
  • [Tsundere] ... You have a present? You're a strange one.
  • [Tsundere] Heh, it's cause someone takes care of that for me... I expect nothing less.
  • [Tsundere] I see you're impatient as always.
  • [Tsundere] If you're interested, just say so. ... Jeez, you're such a pain in the neck.
  • [Tsundere] I was just playing with the perfect toy to kill my boredom. It changed my mood, too.
  • [Tsundere] If it's mild, yeah. If you use too much spice, it'll ruin the taste of the other ingredients.
  • [Tsundere] I guess you can say I was a little surprised. You want my attention that badly?
  • [Tsundere] I take it you're trying tp start something?
  • [Vain] Hmph... it looks like you're still half asleep.
  • [Vain] I see you're never a loss for words. ... You think I'm free?
  • [Vain] Huh... just who do you think you're talking to like that? It seems you don't understand a thing.
  • [Vain] Don't make me laugh. The one will rule the gods is no one other than me..
  • [Vain] Let me see... it depends on the guest.
  • [Vain] Fine. In return, if your hospitality isn't up to par, you know what will happen, right?
  • [Vain] You surely ask for a lot.
  • [Vain] ... My partner is quite the person.
  • [Vain] Hmm... Have you finally decided to become my underling?
  • [Vain] Hmph... will it be enough to entertain me?

My First VainEdit

  • [Boyfriend]: Oi, I have something to say. Come here.
  • [Player]: Eh... what's wrong?
  • [Boyfriend]: Huh? What's with that face? Why are you so surprised?
  • [Player]: Uhm... You seem different...
  • [Boyfriend]: What are you babbling about... I haven't changed. Are you sleepwalking or something?
  • [Player]: (Is it all in my head...?)
  • [Boyfriend]: Whatever. You're not doing anything, right? Let's talk.
  • [Player]: (So this is the Vain type... I'm going to get closer to him!)

 At A Cafe Edit

  • [Boyfriend]: There's nothing to do... Guess I'll go out.
  • [Player]: Where will you go? Be safe.
  • [Boyfriend]: What are you talking about? We're going together... Hurry up.
  • [Player]: Ah, wait...!
  • [Boyfriend]: We were lucky to get seats... Now order something.
  • [Player]: You're so pushy, [Boyfriend].
  • [Boyfriend]: Huh? What are you talking about?
  • [Player]: I mean you didn't even tell me we where we were going and just brought me here!
  • [Boyfriend]: You don't like that?
  • [Player]: I-I didn't say that...
  • [Boyfriend]: Then there's no problem, right? You don't seem dissatisfied.
  • [Player]: Th-that's not what I meant!

Shopping Together Edit

  • [Boyfriend]: That was quick. Did you finish shopping?
  • [Player]: Yeah. But I bought too much stuff... I wonder if I'll be able to carry everything.
  • [Boyfriend]: Shouldn't be a problem... Hand it over, I'll carry it for you.
  • [Player]: (What strength! They're pretty heavy, but he lifted them up with ease...)
  • [Boyfriend]: What's wrong? Stop admiring and let's hurry up and go home.
  • [Player]: I wasn't admiring!
  • [Boyfriend]: Then why is your face so red?
  • [Player]: Not true!
  • [Boyfriend]: You're getting too defensive.
  • [Player]: It's because you tease me so much, [Boyfriend]!
  • [Boyfriend]: With a cute reaction like that... how could I not?
  • [Player]: (Ugh, he's definitely messing with me...!)

At The Zoo Edit

  • [Boyfriend]: Look, there's a horse.
  • [Player]: You're right. There's a brown and white one... Ah, there are small ones, too!
  • [Boyfriend]: Can we ride one? Or can we only watch the horses here?
  • [Player]: I saw somewhere that we could try. [Boyfriend], do you horseback ride?
  • [Boyfriend]: No. But I'm pretty confident I can master it.
  • [Player]: ([Boyfriend] would look good on the white horse...)
  • [Boyfriend]: What's wrong?
  • [Player]: Nothing! ...Since we're here. I might as well try horseback riding myself.
  • [Boyfriend]: Are you sure? Shouldn't you choose that pony over there instead?
  • [Player]: Ugh... I'm not a kid!
  • [Boyfriend]: Haha. I'm a little worried about you riding alone... Wanna ride together?
  • [Player]: Okay!

What I Like Edit

  • [Boyfriend]: Hm? Why are you looking in the refrigerator for?
  • [Player]: Ah, I was thinking about dinner... I'll make something you like, [Boyfriend]? What do you want?
  • [Boyfriend]: I'm fine with whatever. No need to put much thought into it.
  • [Player]: But... I want you to eat something that you like, [Boyfriend]...
  • [Boyfriend]: ...It's not like I'm being modest or anything. It's just that it may be hard to make what I like at home.
  • [Player]: What makes you say that? What do you like, [Boyfriend]?
  • [Boyfriend]: Hand-shaped sushi.
  • [Player]: Ah...
  • [Boyfriend]: If you worked at a sushi restaurant, it wouldn't be a problem, though.
  • [Player]: It would indeed be difficult to make in a regular kitchen...
  • [Boyfriend]: There's no reason to get so disappointed. The food you usually make is more than enough.
  • [Player]: Thanks...

At The Library Edit

  • [Boyfriend]: What do you want to do at the library? Is there a book you wanna borrow or something?
  • [Player]: Yeah. I want to borrow many books like literature, exercise... cooking and plenty more!
  • [Boyfriend]: Can you even finish reading all of that?
  • [Player]: Um... maybe!
  • [Boyfriend]: I can already picture your crying face when you have to return all the books back before you finish reading it all.
  • [Player]: I'll be fine! If I use my free time and read a little before going to bed, I'll finish it.
  • [Boyfriend]: ...So you're going to sacrifice our time?
  • [Player]: Eh... what do you mean by our time...?
  • [Boyfriend]: Oh? Want me to elaborate?
  • [Player]: F-forget it! I'm going to borrow the books.!
  • [Boyfriend]: Oi, don't run in the library... Jeez.
  • [Player]: (...It's because you say stuff like that...)

At The Pet Shop Edit

  • [Boyfriend]: Hm? What's up with all the noise... Is that a dog barking?
  • [Player]: There's a pet shop over there. Wanna go?
  • [Boyfriend]: Fine, I'll tag along.
  • [Player]: Huhu, what a cute dog.
  • [Boyfriend]: He looks like a teddy bear. Is he really alive?
  • [Player]: It's called a Chihuahua.
  • [Boyfriend]: Is it the type of dog that behaves?
  • [Player]: He doesn't mind me carrying him, so I guess so. Do you wanna touch him?
  • [Boyfriend]: Sure. ....He surely has nice fur...
  • [Dog]: Woof!
  • [Boyfriend]: He... barked at me! Trying to pick an owner while still a puppy, huh?
  • [Player]: Huhu.

At The Theme Park Edit

  • [Player]: Hey, [Boyfriend]! Let's ride that next!
  • [Boyfriend]: Oi...I don't mind you getting all excited, but make sure you look where you're walking.
  • [Player]: It's fine, it's fine! ...Ah!
  • [Boyfriend]: ...I thought you would bump into someone, but I didn't think you blindly put your feet in a pond...
  • [Player]: Aww... my shoes are soaking wet...
  • [Boyfriend]: Hmph, in a way, that's some talent you got.
  • [Player]: Ah, sorry for making you go buy new shoes for me, [Boyfriend].
  • [Boyfriend]: I don't mind. I just picked anything, so if you don't like it, don't blame me.
  • [Player]: (Ah... it fits perfectly...And it's the color that I like...)
  • [Boyfriend]: What's wrong? Was it the wrong size?
  • [Player]: No, the shoes and size are perfect. ...But how did you know?
  • [Boyfriend]: Ah... It's just a coincidence. If you like it, that's all that matters.

Anything But That Edit

  • [Player]:...Dinner was delicious. Phew, I'm stuffed!
  • [Boyfriend]: Ah... thanks.
  • [Player]: Hm... you didn't eat a good portion of your food. You're not hungry?
  • [Boyfriend]: Yeah... that happens sometimes. Okay, I'm going to wash the dishes.
  • [Player]: Eh? You're actually going to wash the dishes?
  • [Boyfriend]: Oi, just who do you think I am?
  • [Player]: Hm? You didn't eat any of the mushrooms...
  • [Boyfriend]: ...! That's just... a... coincidence.
  • [Player]: Don't tell me, you don't like mushrooms?
  • [Boyfriend]: ...!
  • [Player]: I see even you have things you don't like, [Boyfriend]. Huhu!
  • [Boyfriend]: Uhh... I can't help what I don't like. Don't laugh at me!

Karaoke Together Edit

  • [Boyfriend]: Heh... you're not half bad at singing.
  • [Player]: Y-you think so? I can't really tell myself...
  • [Boyfriend]: Wanna try listening to the people in the other room to see if they're any good or not?
  • [Player]: Let's not! ...Plus, the room is soundproof. We won't be able to hear anything.
  • [Boyfriend]: Soundproof? Are you sure?
  • [Player]: Yeah. Unless they're screaming their lungs out, we're not going to hear anything.
  • [Boyfriend]: So no one will hear us if we're just chit-chatting, huh?
  • [Player]: Yeah, probably not.
  • [Boyfriend]: That matter what we do here, no one will know, right?
  • [Player]: ...! Wh-what are you thinking about doing...?
  • [Boyfriend]: So tell me. What do you want done to this small, dark place?
  • [Player]: Ugh! No more teasing me like that!

At The Park (Noon)Edit

  • [Boyfriend]: ...It's about time you got up. How long do you plan on sleeping?
  • [Player]: ...Eh?
  • [Boyfriend]: ...You're drooling.
  • [Player]: N-no way?!
  • [Boyfriend]: Haha, I'm just playing.
  • [Player]: S-stop that...!
  • [Boyfriend]: You sure slept well... Were you tired?
  • [Player]: I don't think so... How long did I sleep for?
  • [Boyfriend]: Hmm...for about an hour.
  • [Player]: That much?! You should've woken me up... Sorry.
  • [Boyfriend]: It's fine. Heh... looking at your stupid face isn't that bad.
  • [Player]: You're the worst!

At The CinemaEdit

  • [Boyfriend]: ...Hm? What's wrong? Why are you looking around so much?
  • [Player]: It's... it's nothing.
  • [Boyfriend]: Is the person next to you doing something?
  • [Player]: Shhh! D-don't look...
  • [Boyfriend]: Ah... he's using the darkness of the theater to flirt with someone?
  • [Player]: C'mon... I want you to actually watch the movie...
  • [Boyfriend]: That was a pretty good movie.
  • [Player]: Yeah, I can't wait for the sequel.
  • [Boyfriend]: Are you really looking forward to it? Hard to tell by your face. ...Still thinking about the person that was sitting next to you?
  • [Player]: I mean... other people were trying to seriously watch the movie. That's pretty inconsiderate...
  • [Boyfriend]: ...And here I thought you were feeling depressed cause you wanted me to do that to you.
  • [Player]: A-as if!

At The AquariumEdit

  • [Boyfriend]: That's a pretty big fish tank. There's quite a crowd.
  • [Player]: That's a beluga whale's fish tank! It looks like they're doing a show right now.
  • [Boyfriend]: Do you wanna go check it out?
  • [Player]: Hm... But it'll probably be difficult to see since it's so crowded.
  • [Boyfriend]: Don't worry about stuff like that. We're going.
  • [Player]: W-wait...!
  • [Boyfriend]: If you don't wanna get separated, don't let go of my hand.
  • [Player]: (Pushing your way through to get good seats is too aggressive...!)
  • [Boyfriend]: What do you think? We can comfortably see it from here, right?
  • [Player]: Y-yeah. It's a little small, though...
  • [Boyfriend]: Then, I'll just hug you from behind. That way, we won't get separated nor will our seats get taken. Killing two birds with one stone, huh?
  • [Player]: (I can feel all of the stares we're getting...)
NPC Talk


  • [Boyfriend]: Hm? What's this flyer? Your picture is on it...
    • [Ryu]: Ah, that? It's the flyer for the performance coming up. I have a small role in it.
    • [Boyfriend]: I'm more photogenic than you are. I win.
    • [Ryu]: How did that even get turned into a competition? You're so immature.
  • [Boyfriend]: Hm? So this is ganmodoki, huh?
    • [Ryu]: Ah, that's for Astro so don't just go helping yourself, okay? That thing costs a pretty penny.
    • [Boyfriend]: Like I would eat it. That darn mongoose sure is living the life eating stuff like that.
    • [Ryu]: Plus, Atro will only eat ganmodoki from a well-established tofu store... How did he get to be so spoiled?
  • [Boyfriend]: Ryu, how's work?
    • [Ryu]: It's alright. It's a little rough cause I have more than one job, but I'm managing.
    • [Boyfriend]: In that case, I have a job in mind for you. It's hard work, but you'll earn more for sure.
    • [Ryu]: I'm kind of scared of the job you have in mind.
  • [Boyfriend]: Ryu. What do you do on your day off?
    • [Ryu]: Me? Hmm~, I'm usually at home playing games or out and about wandering around.
    • [Boyfriend]: I get it... you foolishly waste your time.
    • [Ryu]: What the... You're the one who asked, and that's what you're going to say?
  • [Boyfriend]: Oi, Ryu.
    • [Ryu]: Hm? What's up?
    • [Boyfriend]: I don't care if you're a childhood friend or not. You better not make a move on, [Player].
    • [Ryu]: I haven't. Why are you so jealous?


  • [Boyfriend]: Oi, Devin. ...Oi, I'm talking.
    • [Devin]: ...Hm? Is there something wrong?
    • [Boyfriend]: just go off into your own little world sometimes, don't you, Devin?
    • [Devin]: You think so? ...I don't realize that I'm doing it... but I'll be more careful.
  • [Boyfriend]: *sigh* ...Oi, do something about that darn mongoose. He's such a nuisance.
    • [Devin]: His name is Astro, not mongoose.
    • [Boyfriend]: I don't care what his name is. Tell that mongoose to quit playing on other people's heads!
    • [Devin]: His name isn't mongoose...
  • [Boyfriend]: Oi, when in the world will I be able to become a god?
    • [Devin]: Well, that depends on what you and [Player] do.
    • [Boyfriend]: I see... I'll probably rule over all the gods someday anyway.
    • [Devin]: Heh, you have spunk. It will take a herculean effort to dethrone the current top god, you know?
  • [Boyfriend]: Come with me for a little, Devin.
    • [Devin]: You should ask [Player] and not me if you want to go out.
    • [Boyfriend]: Huh? So you're not just going to do as I say? I won't stoop so low as to ask for help.
    • [Devin]: ...A little spoiled, are we? You have no refinement at all.
  • [Boyfriend]: Oi, Devin.
    • [Devin]: What's wrong? Did something happen?
    • [Boyfriend]: Yeah, something terrible. I'm bored out of my mind.
    • [Devin]: ...Sorry, but you're going to have to figure that out yourself.


  • [Boyfriend]: Oi, I need to borrow you. I'm gonna have to come with me to the neighboring town.
    • [Kagura]: Neighboring town? The one with all the fancy stores? Could it be that you're going some recon for a date?
    • [Boyfriend]: ...! The reason why isn't really important, okay?
    • [Kagura]: Heh, looks like I guessed right~. You've matured so much... to be doing something for the one whom you care for.
  • [Boyfriend]: Oi, how does one get up there exactly? Since I will one day rule over all of the gods, it's something I should know.
    • [Kagura]: I don't have a problem sharing that information with you, but I'll only do it after you've actually become a god.
    • [Boyfriend]: Hmph... you're no fun.
    • [Kagura]: It's not in my job description to be fun~.
  • [Boyfriend]: Since you're not doing anything, show me around, Kagura.
    • [Kagura]: Hm? I don't mind, but are you all right with not being able to go back home for the day?
    • [Boyfriend]: Huh? Where in the world do you plan on taking me?
    • [Kagura]: Huhu, that's of course a secret! Ok then. Let's begin our mystery tour~!
  • [Boyfriend]: You're always just wandering around.
    • [Kagura]: No worries. It's my job to wander around.
    • [Boyfriend]: Jeez... you should take a page out of Devin and Dio's books!
    • [Kagura]: Why are you being so strict with me? Did Dio have a twin brother?
  • [Boyfriend]: I was wondering what does one have to do to become an actual god? Is there a test or something?
    • [Kagura]: Hm, you can say that. I guess it's just how you act in everyday life.
    • [Boyfriend]: Hmph... if a dimwit such as yourself can become a god, I shouldn't have a problem.
    • [Kagura]: You sure talk big~. Don't be fooled by my looks. I'm pretty strict.


  • [Boyfriend]: What you find something important, you sort of grow stronger as a person. Though, don't you think that very same thing can also turn into your weakness?
    • [Dio]: ... You have a point.
    • [Boyfriend]: Hm? That was a bit vague. Which one are you?
    • [Dio]: ... I don't even know myself.
  • [Boyfriend]: What do you usually do?
    • [Dio]: Managing the data on your progress and creating necessary documents... I work in the background.
    • [Boyfriend]: That's not what I meant. I meant what do you do other than that.
    • [Dio]: ... I can't answer that. I like to keep my private life just that, private.
  • [Boyfriend]: I heard you're good at cooking, Dio. Can you make nigiri-zushi?
    • [Dio]: Sushi? I'm familiar with it... but I haven't put it to practice before.
    • [Boyfriend]: Right. I guess there are things even you can't do.
    • [Dio]: Are you trying to provoke me? ... All right. I'll make you sushi that will leave you begging for more.
  • [Boyfriend]: Oi, coffee.
    • [Dio]: ... Who do you think you're ordering around?
    • [Boyfriend]: Hm? Ah... it's a habit.
    • [Dio]: A habit? What in the world goes on when you're home?
  • [Boyfriend]: From what I've seen, you seem to be a perfectionist.
    • [Dio]: Indeed. It's best to strive for perfection in everything that you do.
    • [Boyfriend]: Hmph... I wouldn't think about it any other way. I'm eventually gonna leave you in the dust.
    • [Dio]: ... A loud mouth, huh? Don't think it'll be easy to get past me, got it?


  • [Boyfriend]: Oi, come here.
    • [Kaoru]: Wh-what do you want? Are you trying to capture me, so you can rob me?!
    • [Boyfriend]: No, wait! I just wanted to go shop---!
    • [Kaoru]: Someone, anyone! I'm being attacked by a ruthless Boyfriend who has gone rogue~!
  • [Boyfriend]: It is strange, though. You're telling me a kid like yourself can solely manage this shop?
    • [Kaoru]: You don't believe me~? Don't be fooled by my looks. I'm a first-rate professional.
    • [Boyfriend]: Human kids have parents, right? Why aren't you with yours?
    • [Kaoru]: ... Huhu, I see you like to poke your nose where it doesn't belong, [Boyfriend]~!
  • [Boyfriend]: Oi, what food do you like?
    • [Kaoru]: Is that your way of telling me to make food for you? Not cool! I won't you!
    • [Boyfriend]: No one ever said anything about that. ... Jeez, that's why I don't like dealing with kids.
    • [Kaoru]: Kid... Huhu... That's right. I'm a defenseless kid. That's why you shouldn't be mean to me.
  • [Boyfriend]: Hm? Oi, you don't greet your customers to their hearts' content at this shop?
    • [Kaoru]: Ah, welcome ...! Sorry, I was doing something in the back.
    • [Boyfriend]: Jeez, how careless. Don't come complaining to me when the stuff gets stolen here.
    • [Kaoru]: Huhu, don't worry. ... There's no one who works at this shop who's careless enough for that to happen.
  • [Boyfriend]: You see seem to be looking for part-time help.
    • [Kaoru]: Yeah, I'm always looking for someone kind to come work with me ♪
    • [Boyfriend]: If I'm to work here, I would need 5 times the going rate.
    • [Kaoru]: Ugh! I'm the one who decides who to hire! Why are you talking down to me?!


  • [Boyfriend]: Oi, Zen. I heard that... you pretty much like to hit on anything that works.
    • [Zen]: Hm? Wanna know my secret?
    • [Boyfriend]: As if! I don't really care whom you try to chase around but that leave you know who out of it.
    • [Zen]: Oh, that was a nail in my coffin! Well, I go at my pace. I don't mind if you're the one who's putting a nail in my coffin!
  • [Boyfriend]: Man, I'm so bored. Don't you have something entertaining at all?
    • [Zen]: If you're free, wanna hang out with me? Let's go hit on some girls! What'cha say? Sounds like fun, right?
    • [Boyfriend]: You're the worst!
    • [Zen]: Oh, yeah. I forgot you have someone important to you already!! Hahaha
  • [Boyfriend]: You're a strange one... You're a little different from regular humans.
    • [Zen]: Well, I've lived a long life.
    • [Boyfriend]: A long life? Don't tell me you are...
    • [Zen]: Adults who have experienced the good and the bad sort of create a unique aura around themselves.
  • [Boyfriend]: Oh, it's you Zen. What are you doing here?
    • [Zen]: Me? I'm going to head to my usual spot then go home.
    • [Boyfriend]: No wonder why you smell like that...
    • [Zen]: Haha, you're right about that!
  • [Boyfriend]: *sigh*... You're always suffocating.
    • [Zen]: Hahaha, are you complimenting me by calling me a manly man?
    • [Boyfriend]: I'm not complimenting you!
    • [Zen]: Hahaha! Don't be so stuff. Loosen up!

Event DialogEdit


The Curious Case Of Shinma
Festival Of The Arts
Punkish Bazaar
Adventures In Chinatown
The Vanishing
Paradox Masquerade
Tomes Amongst The Dust
Requiem For The Damned
Valentine Festival
World Of The End
New Year's Festival


Searching For Santa
Memories In Bloom
From Miracles Above
The Blade Of Edo
Halloween Nightmare
Prince Of Jewelry
The Hourglass Of Eternity
Ice Cream Festival
Night Of Chaos
Summer Vacation
Tanabata Nights
Chilling Cabin
My Little Prince
Floral Wedding
A Promise
  • [Player] [Boyfriend]!
  • [Boyfriend] So slow. There you are.
  • [Player] How rude... I rushed here without changing cause I heard you were waiting...!
  • [Boyfriend] Hmph, fine. Hurry up and come here.
  • [Player] Ugh! You're always like that.
  • Anyway, what's up.
  • [Boyfriend] ... Close your eyes.
  • [Player] Huh?
  • [Boyfriend] You're thinking too much. Just do it?
  • [Player] O-okay.
  • (H-he's not gonna try to kiss me or anything... right?)
  • [Boyfriend] ...
  • [Player] (I can feel [Boyfriend]'s breath on my face... My heart won't stop pounding...)
  • [Boyfriend] Oi, you can open your eyes.
  • [Player] Huh?
  • [Boyfriend] Hm? What are you so surprised about?
  • [Player] Umm... cause you said to close my eyes... so I thought...
  • [Boyfriend] If it's a kiss you're looking for, I don't mind giving it to you.
  • [Player] I-I didn't say all of that... Wait...
  • (There's something shiny on my ring finger...)
  • Is this... a ring?
  • [Boyfriend] ... I'm not seeking your approval.
  • [Player] ...!
  • (I-is this a proposal...?)
  • [Boyfriend] That's all I wanted to do. Let's go.
  • [Player] Oaky! Thanks, [Boyfriend]!
Aquarium Date
Nice? Or A Tease?
  • [Boyfriend] Seeing the dolphin show last was definitely a good idea.
  • [Player] It was! I wouldn't mind seeing it again. That's how much I enjoyed it!
  • [Boyfriend] Heh, I'm glad to hear it.
  • By the way, you got pretty wet during the show. Are you all good?
  • [Player] Oh, I'm fine. My clothes are still a little wet, but by the time we get ho... ho...
  • [Boyfriend] Hm? What's wrong?
  • [Player] ... *atchoo!*
  • [Boyfriend] ... Oi, didn't you just say you were fine?
  • [Player] S-sorry... I guess I'm a little cold.
  • But don't worry about it! I just have to deal with it until we get home.
  • [Boyfriend] Don't be a baka. Use this.
  • [Player] Eh? This is your towel, [Boyfriend]...
  • [Boyfriend] I brought it just in case. Wrap it around yourself.
  • [Player] Are you... sure? It'll get wet if I use it...
  • [Boyfriend] I already said you can use it. There's no reason to be modest.
  • Or are you trying to tell me that the towel alone isn't enough?
  • Perhaps you want me to put my arm around you? Or better yet, give you a piggyback ride home?
  • [Player] Y-you don't have to do any of that! That'd be so embarrassing!
  • [Boyfriend] Haha... I was just joking. Sorry you took me seriously.
  • [Player] Ugh, stop teasing me!
Crazy Circus

The One Who BlushesEdit

  • [Player] Good job, [Boyfriend].
  • [Boyfriend] Hm? Oh, it's you, [Player].
  • [Player] I thought you'd be thirsty, so I brought you something to drink.
  • [Boyfriend] Heh... That's pretty thoughtful of you, [Player].
  • [Player] Huhu, thanks.
  • [Player] Speaking of which, today's show was a huge success!
  • [Player] And I had no idea you were gonna do that last trick!
  • [Boyfriend] Of course not. I didn't tell you I would do it.
  • [Boyfriend] And? I'll hear what you thought of it this one time.
  • [Player] Umm... it was amazing! I was really at the edge of my seat.
  • [Player] It was something I had never seen before, so I couldn't look away even for a second...
  • [Player] You looked really cool out there, [Boyfriend]!
  • [Player] (Ah, I started rambling cause I got too excited. [Boyfriend] is probably bored by now...)
  • [Boyfriend] ... Hmm... is that so.
  • [Player] (Hm...?)
  • [Player] (I was expecting [Boyfriend] to say something like "What else did you expect? or something like that.)
  • [Boyfriend] ...
  • [Player] (Could it be that [Boyfriend] is actually blushing?)
  • [Player] Huhu.
  • [Boyfriend] Hm? What are you laughing about?
  • [Player] Nothing~.
  • [Boyfriend] You're creeping me out laughing like that.
  • [Player] Wha?! You didn't have to go that far... Ugh!
  • [Player] (Well, I got a chance to see [Boyfriend] blush, so I guess it's okay today.)
Dream High
Stolen Secrets
White Day Party
Mysterious Animal Party
Valentine's Date
New Year's Shrine
Hot Spring


Christmas in Love
School With A Secret
Letter From The Gods
Sports Day
Halloween Party
Harvest Festival Event
School Festival Date